We are all on a journey.  

Some days, we feel wonderful, finding amazing moments with our family and friends.  Other days, though, we feel as though the world has fallen on us.  Our great gift and testing trouble is, well, the same: the journey.  Some days, it’s a smooth highway with beautiful scenery, others, it feels like a parkour course full of crazy obstacles.

As I travel through this world, I love exploring, discovering, and learning. I find home and rest, wonderfully enough, in the journey of learning.  I just like to discover and to learn.  Oh, I’m not always good at it, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

But, it’s not just the the journey. I constantly ask myself: how can I make a difference in this world?

What is that bedouin fire?

Oddly enough, the idea came to me listening to U2. “Bedouin Fire” comes from their great song, “Beautiful Day,” where Bono sings, “see the bedouin fires at night” in that list of things that make a beautiful day.

I can imagine the darkness all around the light of the fire, the people eating, drinking, and resting in their journeys, and it made me think about traveling through this world as a believer — wondering how I can be that fire in the night, making a difference in the darkness that surround us. Maybe, just maybe, I can be that light for someone that makes the difference. Maybe you can, too.

Bedouin Travelers

Now, the name “bedouin” means “those in the desert.” When I think of those folks, I think of people who live and move and love as they travel through the desert. They make their lives traveling from place to place, discovering the joy, wonder, and grace of the journey.9785017483_dce3a371e5_o

For me, to be a bedouin means to be traveling this faith journey with God, moving through this world. I am like the Bedouin — “those in the world.”

I am “those in the world,” making this journey of faith, taking the fire with me so I can find a way to make a difference by bringing a little fire and light.

Come join me the journey of learning and loving in this world, and take a few moments to read some posts from the journey.

Godspeed your journey as you take the fire with you.


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